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Terms & Conditions

The taxi or minibus is hired according to the following terms and conditions. These form part of the contract between the Company and the hirer.

  1. All passengers are required by law to wear the seat belts provided in the vehicle. He (driver) has the right to refuse transport to any passenger who is abusive or so intoxicated that they have lost or are losing control of their faculties, or their behavior is such that it could endanger the driver or other passengers. Passengers are taken at the discretion of the driver.

  2. It is not allowed to consume food or drink in the vehicle with the exception of bottled water

  3. In the highly unlikely circumstance of a passenger suffering from travel or any other kind of sickness, leading to vomiting within the vehicle, the hirer is liable to pay for the vehicle to be professionally valuated and will also incur a £150 “off road” charge.

  4. The price quoted is for one pick-up point and one destination. Additional pick-ups or drop-offs within Rugby will be charged a minimum of £3 each for Car and £5.00 minibus. Outlying areas will be more. If these are booked and confirmed in advance they will be included in the quote, otherwise the lead passenger will be responsible for the additional payment.

  5. Smoking is not permitted in any vehicle owned by Compass Cabs Ltd.

  6. Payment by credit card will incur an additional charge of 6.5% on top of the quoted price. Debit Cards Will be 5% on top of quote and American Express will be 7.5% on quoted price. In addition if paying over the phone by card payment you will need to provide registered card owners details of address, otherwise charge will be 10% on quoted price.

  7. No refund will be made for bookings cancelled within 24 hours of intended time of travel.

  8. To cancel a booking you must contact us by phone or e-mail at least 24 hours prior to intended time of travel.

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